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SDesigns and BeLuThai Triumph with “The Controversy of Change” Event

Bangkok, Thailand (March 1, 2024)

SDesigns, a leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture, and the Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce (BeLuThai) teamed up to present “The Controversy of Change.”   at the Banyan Tree Residences Riverside Bangkok., featured a diverse group of professionals from various countries working in Thailand, all united in their quest to understand and navigate the currents of change.

Mr. Francis Vanbellen, the President and CEO of SDesigns, led the session, drawing on his extensive experience in shifting roles from a top executive in a major Belgian corporation to becoming a leader of a prominent Thai company, and now spearheading SDesigns. His story resonated deeply, illustrating the personal and professional transformations that are part of the global business landscape.

The event’s key message focused on the need for a conscious and strategic approach to change. Mr. Vanbellen emphasized the importance of shifting from an unconscious to a conscious mindset regarding both the need for change and the process of changing. The presented models advocated for a heightened self-awareness and a structured assessment of business practices, highlighting the role of leadership, strategy, and partnerships in achieving desirable outcomes.

Attendees left with a clear understanding that learning, creativity, and innovation are not mere byproducts but essential drivers of change in achieving personal growth and business success, and making a positive impact on society. The interactive Q&A session allowed attendees to explore these concepts further, engaging directly with Mr. Vanbellen’s insights.

The keynote was followed by an exceptional culinary experience as attendees enjoyed a variety of gourmet dishes against the stunning backdrop of the Chao Phraya River. The fine selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks further enhanced the convivial atmosphere. As the evening progressed, guests found themselves in a networking session rich with potential for new alliances and opportunities. The riverside setting provided a tranquil yet vibrant space for lively conversations and the exchange of ideas.

The event’s success was vividly captured in a series of photographs that showcased the animated discussions, the clinking of glasses, and the overall enjoyment of the participants. These images are a testament to the event’s atmosphere and the fruitful interactions that took place.

SDesigns extends its gratitude to BeLuThai for their partnership and to all the global minds who contributed to the richness of the discussion. The company is committed to continuing these conversations and fostering an environment where change is embraced as a powerful tool for innovation and evolution.

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About SDesigns

Formerly Stainless Designs, SDesigns has established itself as a key manufacturer for luxury outdoor furniture brands like Royal Botania. Based in Belgium with manufacturing in Thailand, the company combines impeccable design with unparalleled craftsmanship, making it synonymous with luxury and innovation in outdoor furniture.

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About BeLuThai

The Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce (BeLuThai) is dedicated to promoting trade and investment between Belgium, Luxembourg, and Thailand, offering a platform for business professionals to network, exchange ideas, and advocate for a favorable business environment.

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